Do Your Party A Flavor!

Island Bites is a professional food catering company, serving people’s party needs in Cayman. Be a guest at your own party by leaving all culinary work in professional hands of our caterers. Leave ever worry aside about preparing food, and use your time to become the star of the show.

Think catering food is not as tasty as restaurant food? Well, with Island Bites, you’ll have to rethink that thought! Our buffet catering services are able to provide you with a satisfying experience with delicious foods that match the restaurant standards. Whether you are looking to cater a piquant backyard party or a grandioso private event, we’ve got your freshest, most delicious tacos—and a primo experience to match. Our culinary experience is relaxed and casual. We can facilitate catering for up to 1000 people. Our clients for these polished events are teams, families, brides, grooms, squads, platoons, companies, offices, agencies, parties, and (once or twice) a hungry pack of taco-crazed wolves.

Fiesta Pack

Small Events

Our Fiesta Pack catering options are a big hit at small gatherings, including meetings and game-day parties. We offer 5 different packages to best suit your taco tastes:

Build Your Own

Taco Bar

$14 P/P (10 PERSON MINIMUM) two styles of tacos
Now that’s what I call an office lunch.
Build your own tacos. Choice of 4 styles (pulled chicken or pork, spicy beef, vegan) proteins with all the fixings, chips, salsa, rice and beans.

Nacho Bar

Sunday football just got real.
Build your own nachos. Choice of protein with guacamole, queso, crema, chips, salsa, and beans.

Ready To Eat

Sandwich/Torta Box

$85/10 TORTAS
Be an office hero!
10 torta /sandwiches with chips and salsa or side.

Burrito Box

Did someone say burritos?
10 burritos with chips and salsa or side.

Boxed Lunches

All packed up in a cozy box.
Choice of torta or burrito style with side salad or chips and salsa.

Large Events

Planning an unforgettable party? Get the authentic TTT experience with made to order tacos. We can create a seamless popup experience at your event or roll in with our taco cart or truck.


We bring the food and staff which leaves you to party!
Everything but fried food.

The Taco Cart

When you really want to up your party game we’ve got you covered.
Everything but fried food.

The Island Bites Truck

Dave – “Is that really The Taco Truck parked in your driveway?”
Steve – “Why yes it is.”

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