Fresh, Seasonal & Local – Farm to Table

We are distinguished for our freshest ingredients, excellent presentations, farm to table quality and extraordinary dishes from Chef Huey Crawford. We can travel with an onsite kitchen to your destination with our food truck.

Our History

A pursuit of a dream led founder Huey Crawford to open his own island themed grill. Tired of the same old fast food options and disappointed with the over-priced restaurants, Huey decided to make his own local dishes, some Mexican classics, and some really good pizza!

After experimenting with a blend of different herbs and spices, local produce, farm to table, and the freshest ingredients, Huey was finally satisfied with his unique menu of tacos, pizza, local and Mexican favourites. The sauces make the best tacos and burritos ever. But, not to leave out his vegetarian friends, Huey was sure to include plenty of vegetarian options on his menu. After teaming up with CEO Tracy Ebanks in 2013, the two perfected the menu. We offer delivery and catering options for all types of events.

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